Why CJ?


C.J. Presents an Amazing Show

The number one way C.J.'s show is described is as "Amazing"! It's a complete theatrical experience as it includes the drama of the induction, comedy from the routines, music, dancing, surprise and mystery. It's a show that your guests will talk about for years to come.

C.J. Has Strong Ethics & Principles

Ethics and Principles are core to C.J.'s presentations. He treats everyone on stage with him with respect and takes care of his guests (your guests) better than anyone in the business. His core belief/principle about Hypnosis is that the show is all about the guests on stage and they are always made to be the focus of the laughs and the applause. Laughs never happen at the expense of a guests dignity.

C.J. views his job as "empowering people to be superstars, not making them look foolish."

C.J. is Personable & Fun

Before during and after the show C.J. is one of the friendliest, most accessible acts in the corporate market.

C.J. Works Clean

C.J.'s show is hilariously funny, but always remains family friendly and clean. It's why so many religious schools bring C.J. to campus. It doesn't have to offend to be hilarious!

You can rest easy knowing that C.J. will never resort to off color, religious, ethnic or political humor. We're here to have fun, not get people upset!

C.J. Has Unmatched Experience

C.J. has the experience and confidence that only thousands of shows can give. No matter what situation may arise, when you've done as many shows as he has, it's familiar territory. In the book "Outliers", Malcolm Gladwell says it takes 10,000 hours to become a master. Very few performers can, by this standard, be called masters, but C.J. truly can be. He's put in the time in front of live audiences so his show is second nature, he's encounter just about every situation, and he knows how to handle them.
Why would you trust your students to anything less than this level of mastery?

C.J. Does What He Says

Growing up the number one lesson repeated to him by his mother was "A man is only as good as his word". This core value runs through everything that C.J. does. If he says he'll be there... he will. If he says he'll do it... he will. You won't get broken promises, cancelled shows or unfulfilled promises from C.J. If he says he'll do it... it will be done.

C.J. Helps Make Your Guests Comfortable

When it's appropriate, C.J. will visit tables and talk with people about hypnosis and the show before the performance to make everyone comfortable with the idea of coming up on stage to participate, and to set their minds at ease that no deep dark secrets are going to be revealed - we're all there to have fun.

C.J. works direct, or with the agent of your choice.

While C.J. has exclusive representation in the college market, many of the countries best booking agents, meeting planners and talent bureaus count on C.J. for top notch entertainment.

Whether you want to book directly with C.J. or through an agent, you'll pay the same price.

Note, once an agent is involved C.J. will always refer you back to that agent for the contracting process and for rebookings. You'll get added service at no additional cost. This is often the best route to go when planning a larger event as these agents can take care of all of your needs in one call.

C.J. is Adaptable to Most Environments

The experience of thousands of shows means that C.J. has probably worked a similar event and a similar venue over the years and can adapt to most situations. His technical demands are simple. He's got to be seen and heard and most of all, the people on stage have to have ample room to perform and be safe. Other than that, C.J. can make most environments work for a show.

C.J. is Easy to Work With

You have enough to worry about at an event, C.J. will clearly spell out his technical needs (and even provide pictures to help the non-technical) in the contract rider.

At the show, C.J. will stealthy run his own music cues through hidden remotes - meaning you only need to provide an input for the laptop he's controlling, set a level, then sit back and enjoy the show!

C.J. will also need a high quality, wireless microphone. Don't have one? No problem, let C.J. know and he'll bring his own.

You'll never come across an easier to work with act than Comedy Hypnotist C.J. Johnson.

C.J. is Low Maintenance

Everything about the way C.J. runs his show and his business is designed to make YOUR life easier the day of the event so you can enjoy the show too.

C.J. has Very Competitive Pricing

While C.J. is certainly not the "cheapest" hypnotist in the corporate market he's a long way from the most expensive too.

Few hypnotists have the experience, awards, television, touring experience and other credentials that C.J. Johnson has and yet his pricing for corporate events is surprisingly competitive.

Corporate Shows

"I was kind of leary about "hypnotists" until I saw you at work - WOW!  You were truly amazing! ... I was the 'star' of the whole District Meeting because of the choice I made for the luncheon entertainment."

-Karrie Sasich - Gilbert Texas Construction

Your Event Deserves the best

C.J. in Fiji performingC.J. Johnson's comedy hypnosis show is the PERFECT KICK-OFF EVENT!

Imagine giving everyone at your next event something to talk about, something to break the ice.

Imagine taking a handful of people and creating "instant celebrities" at your meeting.

Imagine creating something for fun and friendly debate that everyone can participate in.

Imagine embedding YOUR SALES MESSAGE into a sponsored show so attendees associate YOU with a great time, and get a repeated impressions of YOUR COMPANY into a fun filled show.

Now imagine no more C.J. Johnson's Comedy Hypnosis Show creates more than just laughs at your kick off event - it creates memories and stimulates easy conversation between your guests in a way that no other type of entertainment can even come close to doing.

Best of all, the show is clean, clean, clean! So none of your important guests will get their feathers ruffled. And it's funny, funny, funny! So everyone will leave your event smiling and laughing. In fact, there's a good chance that they'll be laughing about the entertainment and talking about it for years to come. That simply won't happen with any other type of entertainment.

Meeting planners, destination planners, event managers and direct corporate buyers all agree that C.J. Johnson puts on a great show for the corporate & convention audience at a competitive price and without a lot of demands on site. His job is to make YOUR job easy and to make YOU look good.

Bring the experience of thousands of performances to your next event. That experience counts.

Here are a few things you can count on from the C.J. Johnson Comedy Hypnosis Show

A clean & hilarious show
Easy staging requirements
Full insurance coverage, with additional insured documents available upon request (additional charge may apply)
Amazingly easy to work with - low demands on site (you have enough to worry about)
Easily adaptable to just about any situation
All inclusive pricing available.
Sound system and lighting packages are available (when driving to the show).
A 100% Money Back Guarantee that you will not only be happy with the performance, but that you will be THRILLED with it!

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