Posters & Fliers to Download

2011 Show Poster
Full size .jpg file

Full Size .pdf file

BELOW: SHOW FLIERS (in .jpg format 2500x3350 pixels or 300dpi at 8 1/2x11") 
Click Pics for full size image. The white space at the bottom of each flier is for your show information. Printed copies of these will be sent with your promo kit. Simply run the full color fliers through your laser printer to quickly have customized fliers. You can any of the fliers below to know how to lay out your customization.

Pedastal Glasses&DiscPointingPedastalPedastal


If you've booked a show you should recieve a link to a private page that has all of these downloads - plus a whole lot more to help you promote your show. If you haven't gotten that e-mail, please let us know and we'll make sure that you get that link.

You'll also be sent a box full of posters, fliers and lots of other goodies to promote the show.

Pictures & Videos

Most recent promo pictures. Please use these to promote your event whenever creating in house promo. (Opens in New Window)

If you want to embed Videos in a website you can do so from our YouTube Channel

Technical Needs

TECHNICAL NEEDS (RIDER) with pictures. Download CJ's Rider, complete with pictures to help explain anything that's not 100% clear to those who don't speak "theater".
Click Here to Download the Picture Rider

Show Brochures/Fliers

Download CJ's Promo Booklet here. The color is off in this file as it's designed for print, not viewing on the web, but it'll give you a good idea of what CJ does.

Press Release

PRESS RELEASE: Download a MSWORD document (97-2007 compatable) of a press release to send out before the show. Simply replace the highlighted areas with your information and it's ready to go. CJ will send you two hard copies of this already filled out with the promo kit, but you can get a jump on it, or edit it easily with this copy. 
Click Here to Download Press Release. (Right Click and "Save Link As...")