Why CJ?

C.J. Standing

C.J. has the experience, knowledge and unconscious competence of a performer who has seen and experienced just about everything.

Over 10,000 shows in his lifetime have given him the ability to be "in the moment" at each performance and have fun at every show.

When the performer is having fun... so is the audience.

If fact, C.J. has a saying that he shares with anyone he shares a stage with... "have a great time and a great show follows automatically".

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the show & Hypnosis

What are C.J.'s Technical Needs?

The basic requirements for C.J.'s show are quite simple. It's got to be seen, heard and safe.

You can download the full tech rider, complete with pictures here It will open in a new window.

Stage Requirements: Minimum stage size should be 16x32 for the safety of all those on stage. If the stage is portable it should be positioned flush up against the wall or should have a guardrail along the back to eliminate the possibility of going off the back of the stage. A rule of thumb is – the larger the stage the better!
If the show will be in a theater on a permanent stage then it is likely OK unless it is tiny. Please make sure the stage is free and clear of all podiums, tables and cords.
The show will benefit greatly by being on an elevated platform, if this cannot happen then please add 4 feet to the dimensions listed above before placing tables or chairs.

Sound: A powerful sound system is critical for the success of your event. Sound system should be adequate for the venue and should have a minimum of two inputs. 400W amp with two speakers or two powered speakers, JBL EON15, QSC K-12's or equivalent powered speakers are usually adequate for an audience of up to 300-400. More is needed for larger venues and audiences. There is a lot of music in the show and strong voice command is critical.

Ceiling PA’s are never acceptable. The sound should be equivalent to what a band would use, not a teaching environment.

Microphone: There should be a high quality wireless Microphone with dual antennas for the show. If this cannot be provided please let us know and we’ll be sure to provide our own.

Power and Direct Input (DI): C.J. will run all of his music via a remote control system. There should be electrical power and an XLR (Microphone cable with three prongs) for the sound system at the down-stage right corner of the stage (front of the stage on the right as you're looking at the audience from the stage.)

How many chairs are needed and what kind?

Chairs: 12-20 chairs, without arms, should be set up in one row with the chairs touching one another and as close together as is possible. These SHOULD NOT BE FOLDING CHAIRS. The number of chairs will vary depending on the stage size and audience size.
These chairs should be attached using duct tape, gaffers tape or zip ties so they are attached in one long, straight (or as straight as possible) line.

Will C.J. need help from us during the show?

Needed at every show:

Sound Check: Sound check with the person running the sound and any theater, lighting or venue crew will take place 60 minutes prior to the shows starting time, or 30 minutes before the EVENT starting time if C.J. is after dinner entertainment or a part of a larger program. Sound check should only take 5-10 minutes, the extra time is just in case we run into any unforeseen problems.

Optional, but appreciated:

Video Cameraman & Still Cameraman: Every show is videotaped on a digital camcorder. It is requested that one person is available to man the camcorder and keep it focused on the action happening on stage. A 5-10 minute briefing will be needed with this person to show them how to run the camera and what we want to focus on during the taping.

In addition to this, CJ carries with him a high quality digital still camera as well as hand held video cameras, if you can have someone taking pictures of the show during the show, these pictures will be burned onto a CD for you and sent to you after the show. It also makes it easier to share videos and pictures with your group via social media outlets such as twitter, facebook and YouTube. These pictures and videos can be taken from your seat in the audience, and are very informal.

Does C.J. have any special hospitality needs?

Beverages – 2 bottles of spring water or purified water, preferably with sport tops should be available no later than 15 minutes before the show. Chilled water is preferred, but not required. This is important to keep C.J.'s throat lubricated as he'll be talking almost non-stop the entire performance.

Plus one small bowl of M&M's with all of the red M&M's removed. - Just kidding - C.J.'s a lot easier to work with than that!

Snacks such as a small cheese or vegetable tray is appreciated, but not required. This is especially appreciated in small towns when everything will be closed after the show and it's hard to find something to eat.

Will C.J. help us promote the show?

Of course!

All college events automatically include a huge promotional kit including Posters, Fliers, a copy of C.J. and Brian Brushwood's book "Pack the House", sidewalk chalk, press releases, table tents, a CD full of digital assets in case you want to create your own promo and more.

These items are available for any market C.J. works, just ask

Will C.J. talk to the press on our behalf?

Of course!

C.J. is always happy to talk to the press about your event and authorizes them to use any of the content from this website to help with a story about your show.

For Casinos, Clubs, Fairs and Festivals C.J. is happy to do in studio or phone interviews for the radio or in studio appearances for television to promote his run at your event. These are usually very entertaining and help bring people to the event. If you can set these up check with C.J. about his availability and he'll work hard to make it happen for you.

The more successful this years event is, the more likely you'll be bringing C.J. back - so he'll work hard to help you be successful.

Can C.J. do a college teaser to promote the show?

Of course!

C.J. is always willing to do what is needed to promote the show however possible. Sometimes tight travel arrangements or long days of travel mean that it's tough to make happen, but when it can, and when you ask, C.J. is willing and able.

It's just as important to him to have a great turnout as it is to you.

C.J. Says he's "Hypnotist of the Year". What's that?

C.J. was voted as "Hypnotist of the Year" by the college market through the now defunct "CampusAwards.com"

It was an online poll voted on by college programmers and high publicized.

C.J. has also won awards for his Comedy Magic Show, for Illusion Design and he got a great award as "Dad of the Year" for 20 years running. This award has included T-shirts stating the award and coffee mugs emblazoned with the "Dad of the Year" moniker. It's the award he's most proud of.

What major tours, tv appearances and other credentials does C.J. have?

• Toured 39 cities with Brooks & Dunn, Rascal Flatts, Brad Paisley, Aaron Lines and Jeff Bates as a part of the Brooks & Dunn Neon Circus and Wild West Show.
• Appeared on Showtimes "Bulls***" with Penn & Teller talking about hypnosis. Much of what Penn says about hypnosis were exact words out of C.J.'s mouth during interviews. Excerpts from his show were the highlights of the season closing episode.
• Month long run at Coushatta Casino and Resort.
• Numerous one nighters at other Casinos & Clubs throughout the US.
• Appeared on CMT during the Brooks & Dunn tour.
• Appeared briefly in the DVD release commemorating the Neon Circus Tour.
• Numerous local and regional TV spots.
• Showcased as NACA and APCA National Conventions and numerous regional NACA Conferences.
• Shows at hundreds of colleges and universities.
• Shows at hundreds of corporate and association events.
• Shows at hundreds of High School lock in's.
• Paid, professional appearances in 47 of the 50 US States. (Alaska, Hawaii, and Wyoming - you're next!).
• Written several books and audio programs on Hypnosis, Magic and Marketing.

What exactly is hypnosis?

Ask a thousand hypnotists and you'll get 1000 different answers.

C.J. spent quite a while trying to succinctly describe what hypnosis is and the definition that he came up with is:

"Focused concentration, to the exclusion of everything else, on the instructions being given by the hypnotist"

This is, of course, a description for stage hypnosis primarily, which is C.J.'s area of expertise.

Can you get stuck in hypnosis?


You can't get stuck in a hypnotic state. If a hypnotist put everyone "under", then left the room the volunteers would eventually either wake up on their own, or drift into natural sleep, then wake up on their own.

Is C.J. Insured?

Of course.

C.J. carries an insurance policy the same way any professional exhibitor does.

You or your event can be added as a co-insured for a nominal fee, or in some cases, at no charge (ie. it is included with all college events and rolled into the pricing as proof of insurance is usually required by colleges).

Please do not even consider a poorly trained or uninsured hypnotist. The risk you put yourself and your event in to potentially save a few dollars is not worth it.

How long is the show

Colleges - typically 60-90 minutes

Corporate Groups - typically 55-70 minutes.

Fairs & Festivals - typically 45-60 minutes.

High Schools - typically 60 minutes.

Casinos/Clubs - typically 55-60 minutes with time varying to the needs of the client.

Times vary for each event based on your needs. The above are guidelines and C.J. will work with you to make sure the length of your show is perfect for your needs, audience and event.

Does C.J. work with Agents and Meeting Planners?

Of course.

C.J. works with some of the finest meeting planners in the business and you'll never pay more by booking C.J. through an agent than you would booking him directly.

If you're working with a meeting planner, feel free to have them call C.J. and set up the show

If you ARE a meeting planner, C.J. welcomes the chance to work with you. Use his experience to help your clients, do use your clients to help another hypnotist get experience!

Is Hypnosis Safe?

Of course.

C.J.'s personal ethics would prevent him from presenting this show if it were anything but safe.

He never performs dangerous stunts such as the human bridge, which is dramatic, but dangerous, and he goes out of his way to insure the safety of the volunteers at every turn.

Hypnosis is no more dangerous than any other physical event. Think of it as an improv show with your guests as the stars. That sounds perfectly safe, doesn't it?

Is the Hypnotist "IN CONTROL" of someone's mind?

That's what Hollywood would believe, but no. The real world is nothing like Hollywood.

Volunteers often say "I felt like I could wake up at any time, but felt like I should just keep doing what he was saying." That feeling ism more TRUST than control. That feeling is what we call "hypnosis".

C.J. says he's ethical... what's that mean?

C.J. is always aware of the volunteers on stage and won't allow anything to happen that someone might later regret or that could cause extreme embarrassment.

Many people comment after one of his shows that they've never seen a hypnotist that treats his volunteers so well.

It's C.J.'s goal that everyone in the audience, after seeing his show, would be willing to come on stage with him the next time they see his show.

In other words, it doesn't have to be embarassing, sexual or off color to be hilariously funny. C.J. take are of people because people are the most important part of his life.

Think of the golden rule "Treat others as you'd like to be treated". That's the way C.J. lives life, and how he performs his show.

Is the show family friendly?

Of course.

C.J. always works clean and the show is appropriate for any age audience to view.

He's even had a nun on stage being hypnotized - and she was awesome!

Can kids come up to get hypnotized?

Preferably not.

Though kids often make great hypnotic subjects, it changes the social dynamic of the group when a younger kid is on stage. This can cause the overall show to suffer, so C.J. asks that they be at least high school age or older if he's working events where family audiences are in attendance.

Does your fee include travel?

We will always quote you a fee that includes travel before a contract is sent. Pricing may say "plus travel", but you'll know the exact fee for travel before you sign a contact and it will be included.

Lodging is typically handled by the client and prepaid, however we can make the contract 100% all inclusive if you so desire and take care of lodging on our own.

Do you ever do "FREE SHOWS"

Each year C.J. chooses 2-4 charities and offers them free shows. These events are usually close to home, and close to C.J.'s heart. This process usually happens a year in advance so they can plan.

Because performing is how C.J. makes 100% of his living, it's not possible to take more than these 2-4 annual dates off of the calendar for free events.

If you're interested in being considered for a charity show next year please fill out a form on the contact page.

We're a religious school or group - can we do a hypnosis show?

Of course you can. Hypnosis is perfectly safe and natural. It's not mind control and it's not demonic. It's simply a psychological state of relaxation. The Catholic Church has even approved of hypnosis for use in child birth.

Here are a few of the faith based colleges where C.J. has performed:

St. Edwards University, Austin, TX (8 times)
Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio, TX (8 times)
St. Mary's College of California, Moraga, CA (5 times)
John Carroll University, Cleveland, OH (3 times)
Gonzaga University, Spokane, WA (5 times)
University of St. Thomas - Houston, TX
University of the Incarnate Word, San Antonio, TX
Assumption College - Worcester, MA
Iona College - New Rochelle, NY
Barry University, Miami, FL
Quincy University, Quincy, IL
Siena College, Londonville, NY
Briar Cliff University, Sioux City, IA
Kings College, Wilkes-Barre, PA
Creighton University, Omaha, NE
Rockhurst University, Kansas City, MO
Spring Hill College, Mobile, AL
Lewis University, Romeoville, IL
The College of New Rochelle, New Rochelle, NY

From time to time someone in a group will, out of ignorance (lack of knowledge) suggest that hypnosis is against their religion. We know of no mainstream religion that specifically, through church doctrine, has any problem with hypnosis.

Do you ever coach other hypnotist?

Yes. C.J. has coached quite a few hypnotists over the years, but is not currently accepting any new coaching clients as his schedule is too busy with shows and with his company Game Shows To Go to give coaching clients the service that they'd deserve.

Do you have any Hypnosis Trivia for us?

Sure - here are a few hypnotic facts:

• Hypnosis dates back to the days of the Egyptian pyramids.
• You cannot be "stuck" in a hypnotic state. (though you can be stranded in Oklahoma - go figure).
• Hypnosis heightens your senses, it doesn't "weaken your will".
• The Vatican has approved of hypnosis to ease pain during child birth.
• The AMA recognized hypnosis as a science in 1958.
• Hypnosis is merely a heightened state of relaxation and suggestibility, not "sleep".
•The word Hypnosis comes from the Greek God Hypnos - the God of sleep.
• You cannot be made to do anything while experiencing hypnosis that is against your will.
• The more intelligent a person is, the more likely a candidate they make as a hypnosis subject.
• Almost anyone who wants to experience hypnosis can!
• The Hypnotist does not have any special powers over a subject, he serves only as a guide for someone to hypnotize themselves.
• 1 hour of hypnosis is equal to approximately 4 hours of sleep.
• Many athletes use hypnosis in one form or another to heighten their performance.
• Hypnosis is the most fun, entertaining experience you can have for your next event.

What is your fee?

Great question. It's the one we've been hoping you'd ask.

Honestly, we need more information about your event to answer that. Where it'll be held, when, what's the audience, how many people and so on. Please use this form to let us know the answers to these questions and we'll e-mail you all the information you need, including prices.