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This site links together all of the services and products that C.J. offers. It seems like he does quite a bit, and he does. That's what happens when you spend 25+ years in the entertainment business. You acquire some skills.


To Go EventsThe To Go Events Family is the blanket company that encompases all of C.J.'s companies including Game Shows To Go, Mini Golf To Go, Race Cars To Go and more. The other specific websites go into more detail about each event, though slowly we're shifting everything over to this one site.


C.J. started Game Shows To Go in 2004 to provide game shows to the college market the way C.J. envisioned they should be done. They've since expanded in to one of the major players in the corporate market, and the dominant game show company in the college market.


C.J. often speaks to corporate groups with a motivational program that uses Mind Reading as a hook and a way to convey powerful messages through metaphors and amazing demonstrations.


C.J. wrote a book for entertainers to help them improve their bookings. There are also several other products for magicians on the site.


Fun Fotos Logo

C.J. has teamed up with his wife Kim in this latest venture that provides novelty photos, printed on site for corporate and college events. Put your picture on a magazine cover, a super hero body, old west style photos or an infinite other set of possibilities.


Fun Fotos Logo

CJ has created an amazing Portable Mini Golf Course that is challenging, fun and great looking at events. Young and old alike will have a great time playing this course which can be set up indoors or outdoors at your event.



C.J.'s friends & businesses that he likes

Everything But The Mime, the wonderful agency that now represents C.J. in the college market. Carol, Bill and everyone there are what we call "good people" here in Texas. He's proud to be a part of the Everything But The Mime Family.

Visit Everything But the Mime .

Brian Brushwood, C.J.'s long-time business partner, is an incredibly talented magician & speaker. What more can I say except that I chose to share my business with him. He's all over the Internet with podcasts such as "Scam School", "NSFW", "Game On" and "Weird Things" and he's in the process of being on TV all the time, he's one of the top college magicians in the country. He's super Internet famous, and well on his way to just plain famous.


Gus Davis - My brother from another mother. I've known Gus since he was 12 years old and now he's my business partner and dearest friend. He's the most amazing game show host I've ever seen, a great dad and husband, and all around great guy.We were best man at eachothers weddings.

Visit GusDavis.com

David Hira - My BFF. We've been friends since meeting at TAOM in 1991 and he's my "moral compass" in life. He officiated my wedding and my mothers funeral service. He's also one of the most moving speakers that I've ever heard on the platform. If you're looking for a speaker - he's top notch. He's the living embodiment of his saying "Be a faucet, not a drain". He's also the Chief Fun Officer of Snowball Express.

Visit DavidHira.com

Bonnie Brushwood, (also Brian's wife, and a long, long time ago, my assistant), is an amazing artist and one of the most delightful human beings that you could ever hope to meet. You can find out about her art at her website.


Jonny Zavant - Psychic Entertainer of the Year 2017! An amazing mentalist who doesn't take himself too seriously. He'd like to be "Punk Rock" but I've seen his iPod, there's way too much Barry Manilow on it to pull that off. He's also very active in a lot of C.J.'s business as a graphic designer.



Zane Williams - I first met Zane by playing Hacky Sack with him at NACA conferences (he's one of the most amazing footbaggers I've ever seen!). He's the only guy I've ever seen get three standing ovations in one 20 minute showcase at a college conference. I think he'll be big someday, most of all, he's a great guy. I love his e-mail updates, and you will too! Visit Zane at:



Nate Staniforth - Nate is one of the nicest guys I've ever met. I thought it had to be an act he was so nice, then I hung out with him A LOT and realized that he's genuinely nice. You don't really run into that kind of nice guy too often. He's crazy passionate about magic and a wonderful college magician. Visit him at


Dan Martin - Dan is another friend from the college market. Very talented, very funny, very creative and another great guy, which is the only reason that he's got a link here! His effect "Bruised" is a killer.


Rebecca Loebe - She's about the sweetest girl on earth and tells wonderful stories through her music. Lots of people saw her on the inaugural season of "The Voice" - if you get a chance to catch her live - you should.

Visit RebeccaLoebe.com

Swan Percussion - Mike Meadows - My good freind Mike Meadows is one the most talented people I know and I know a lot of talented people. He's invented a unique twist on the oldest instrument in the world (the Drum) that has earned him several patents and appearances with major recording artists and a couple of shots on Letterman. Check out his drums here.

Visit Swan Percussion.com


Snowball Express - This is the non-profit orgainization that has my heart. Now a part of the Gary Sinese Foundation it serves the families of our fallen military. We're a small part of the event each year for the past 5 or 6 years and it's the highlight of our December. Check them out.

Visit SnowballExpress.org




Businesses & Other Cool Links

Grad Night Expert - Our site for High School Grad Nights. Instant information set up specifically for graduation night and post prom events.


Air Padre Kiteboarding - This is THE kiteboarding shop on South Padre Island, which incidentally has the best kiteboarding conditions in the country with knee to waist high flat water for miles. They have incredible IKO instructors and if you're just learning, this is the only place that teaches lessons from a boat. Trust me - you're going to want a ride home when you're learning! Stop in when at South Padre and say hi to these guys. My instructor is Bill - he's a bad ass on a kiteboard - and he's 70 years old! I highly recommend Air Padre - they'll get you up and riding - they did with me!