Power of Suggestion

The Power of Suggestion Lecture

“Hypnotist of the Year” C.J. Johnson, is bringing the same energy and excitement you get in his comedy hypnosis show to the college lecture circuit.

This 60-90 minute event will entertain, amaze and educate your campus about the true and amazing power of the human mind. You’ll learn, in a fun filled way, the tools of the hypnotist, and how you can use those psychological tools to better your life.

Among other things, C.J. will teach you:

Why the suggestions we’re given everyday control the things we do & how to control those suggestions!
How to change the way you feel, instantly.
How to harness the power of goal setting.
How to create vivid visualizations of what you want out of life & access them instantly.
How to be sure that you focus on what’s truly important.
Cool hypnotic “party tricks” and how to perform them.
Learn how to stick someone to their chair!
Learn how to make someone’s mouth water.
Learn how to stick someone's hands together!
Learn how to apparently control someone’s mind.
Amazing stories of hypnosis & NLP in practice.
PLUS!!! Group hypnosis session which will also reinforce the powerful messages given during the lecture.

Sound good? Sound like the type of lecture that you’d attend? Want some extras to sweeten the deal?

You’ll also get:

Cash and prizes given at every show.
Great production value with optional multimedia presentation.
Lots of audience participation with demonstrations.
C.J.’s legendary support in promoting the lecture.
Great discounts when combining the lecture with C.J.’s award winning Comedy Hypnosis Show.
Teasers (C.J.’s Comedy Hypnosis show is the ultimate teaser!).
Praise and admiration from your lecture attending students for having the foresight to bring in something different, fun and entertaining.


Every day of our lives we spend a great deal of time giving ourselves suggestions, some of them are good, some of them keep us from accomplishing our dreams.

This lecture/workshop will teach 6-10 "pseudo-hypnotic tricks", tricks that look like hypnosis, but aren't, and will anchor (or link) these tricks to powerful, motivational and inspirational messages about setting goals, giving yourself good and powerful suggestions, how to recognize what's steering you away from your accomplishments and more.

I've specifically chosen the "tricks" that I teach in this program to easily flow into the messages I share. I've carefully crafted the messages so that they'll automatically be remembered whenever someone performs one of the party tricks. It takes a hypnotist to be so crafty, but I've done it!

Best of all, I believe strongly in the messages that I teach in "The Power of Suggestion" so I'm keeping the price for this program as low as possible, so I'll get to share my message with as many people as possible.

I hope to see you at a program soon,



PS - click HERE for my favorite poem ever. I end most talks with this as it speaks directly to the person who I am, or try to be. It's been on the mirror of every place I've lived since I was in 8th grade. It's called "The Man in the Glass" by Dale Winbrow.