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Motivating Yourself to Study Smarter

Study Habits CD ArtThis is C.J.'s #1 selling program at live events.

It's a 60 minute audio book and a bonus self hypnosis session to reinforce what's taught in the book.

Training Yourself to Lose Weight

Weight Loss CDThis audio program will help you lose weight, change eating habits and stop cravings.

It will help you change your relationship with food.

Stress & Anxiety Relief Self Hypnosis

Stress & Anxiety Relief Self HypnosisUse this wonderfully relaxing program to take you away from the stress and anxiety you may be feeling. Includes visualizations to help achieve total relaxation.

Creating Powerful Self Confidence

Creating Powerful Self ConfidenceThis program will help you find your self confidence and become the powerful, confident person that you want to become.


Creating an Attitude of Wealth and Prosperity

Weight Loss CD Create the attitude needed to create wealth. Savings, investment and living within your means are all a part of this CD.


Stop Smoking
Now and Forever

Stop Smoking Now and ForeverIf you are a smoker you know you need to quit. This program will help you reduce or eliminate cravings and get you on the path to being a non-smoker.


Bundle Packages

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Self Hypnosis 101

Self Hypnosis 101 - the perfect CD to listen to to experience hypnosisThis program is an introduction to self hypnosis and will help you get better at the process of relaxation.

It's the perfect program to listen to if you want to experience hypnosis, but don't have a specific goal to accomplish with it.



Other Titles Coming Soon:
* Better Golf Through Self-Hypnosis
* Creating Abundant Energy
* Stop Procrastinating Now!
* Confident Public Speaking
* Achieving Your Goals
* Unlocking Your Creativity
* Time Management
    and more....