Power of Suggestion

Hypnotic Tricks to Study Smarter

Use the tools of the hypnotist to improve your grades!

Announcing an exciting, informative, entertaining and quite possibly, a life-changing workshop by Master Hypnotist C.J. Johnson. Once your students have witnessed the power of hypnosis on stage at C.J. Johnson’s Comedy Hypnosis Show - you can give them all the opportunity to learn about the techniques used by hypnotists and, better yet, how to use these exact same techniques to motivate themselves to study. Best of all, these techniques go far beyond just improving study habits, but speak to the personal needs and desires we all have.

Hypnotic Tools to Study Smarter” consists of a 40 minute discussion about hypnosis with optional multimedia presentation, a 5-10 minute goal setting exercise and a 10 minute hypnosis session with everyone in attendance getting the opportunity to experience hypnosis.

This workshop is a great way to combine resources between lectures and comedy or special events. By scheduling this workshop when C.J. is already on your campus for his comedy show - you can save hundreds of dollars over the cost of bringing in a lecture on its own. Not to mention giving your students an interesting program for which they will thank you.

Study Habits CDSpecial Pricing available when C.J. is on your campus doing a show and you add this workshop immediately following a show.

This program is based on C.J.'s book, audiobook and self-hypnosis CD "Motivating Yourself to Study Smarter".

Find out more about this downloadable audio program here.