Power of Suggestion

Pseudo Hypnotic Tricks

Look like a hypnotist in one night!

Now you can learn 6-10 cool "party tricks" that will make you look like you can control someone's thoughts and actions! That's right, C.J. Johnson, one of the countries leading hypnotists will use this fast paced, fun filled, and multi-media enhanced workshop to teach you how to look like a hypnotist. Best of all, you won't have to spend the months and years that it takes to learn real hypnosis, these are "tricks" that look just like the real thing!

You'll learn how to:

Stick someone's eyes shut!
Stop your pulse at will!
Keep someone stuck in their chair with only your pinky finger!
How to make someone's mouth water.
Appear to control someone's thoughts!
Appear to read someone's mind!
Make people's bodies react physically to your suggestions!
Learn how to lift someone with just two fingers!
And much, much more!

Now, the next party you go to, you'll be the life of it, as you perform these cool "pseudo-hypnotic" stunts!

This 30-45 minute workshop is available as an immediate follow up to C.J.'s Comedy Hypnosis Show at an amazingly low price, or in an extended version, as part of a motivational program called "The Power of Suggestion" which links these tricks with powerful motivational messages. "The Power of Suggestion" is available after a show, or as a stand alone event.

A note from C.J. Johnson about
"Pseudo Hypnotic Tricks"

Dear Programmer,

After almost every show I get asked "where did you learn that?" or "how can I learn to be a hypnotist?"

I've discovered that most people don't really want to learn all about hypnosis, they just want to learn some cool tricks they can use to amaze people. That's what this workshop is all about. It gives me a chance to hang out and connect with students who've just seen the show, and it offers something to the college market that no other hypnotist is doing. Best of all, when adding this workshop to a show, it's so inexpensive that it's almost silly not to host it!

Of course, all of my lectures and workshops come with the same "Money Back Guarantee" I offer for all of my services.

Be sure to check out all of the lectures/workshops I offer. I'm sure that there's one that will be just right for your needs, your budget's needs and your student's needs.

Let's do this!



PS - this costs WAY less than you think it might. In fact a show and workshop combination are less than many top tier hypnotists charge just for their shows! Ask... let us surprise you.