Featured Videos

C.J.'s New (2013) College Demo Reel

C.J.'s Official Demo Video. Filmed at West Texas A&M in October 2012.
Rapid Induction Hypnosis

Rapid or INSTANT inductions are very dramatic and CJ seldom uses them in a show environment as it seems almost too real and too fast for people to believe. But it's real.
Hypnotizing a HUGE group!

There are 57 people with CJ on stage at this show! This is what happens when CJ is a tradition on your campus. 2 sold out shows with 1600 + at each show.

Fan Videos

C.J. always allows audience members to take pictures and video during the show. The result is lots of fan videos on the web. Here are a few...

Crocodile Hunter at USF - Tampa

The Crocodile Hunter routine has been CJ's longest running original routines. From time to time he'll get a guy who's exceptional. This is one of those times. CJ loses it laughing at this one!
Another signature routine

Money on Floor is another one of CJ's signature routines.
Constantly changing show

This routine is one of those that is part of the constant evolution of the show. When a singer or topic is HOT, then it's ripe for being made into a hypnosis demonstration.
Puppy Shoes at Texas A&M Texarkana

I found this one from TAMUT's "Best Week Ever". I like the editing and how they told the story for their event.
Everybody's Naked - at ERAU's Orientation

The reactions when they see the audience naked is priceless!
Live at Morehead State University

There are several other clips from this show on the creators YouTube Channel. I just added one here as I think you know how YouTube works if you want to see more!